Please review our Policies. By signing a party agreement you are agreeing to the following terms of service.


Availability is limited so please book your event at least four to six weeks in advance if possible. Events booked within two weeks of date may be charged an additional $50 rush fee if there is availability. Reservations are made on a first come first serve basis and are not final until the $100 deposit is paid.


A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to reserve event times. Balance of total party package is due in full no less than two weeks before scheduled event. Payments are made through Paypal after party agreement/ invoice is received. No payments will be accepted on the day of the event and payments are only received online via PayPal. If we are unable to process this payment, we reserve the right to cancel your event.  Payments not received within this time frame will result in the cancellation of your party and forfeiture of deposit. Your event and your business are very important to us but please understand that as a reservation based company we cannot make exceptions to this policy.

Rush Booking

Events booked within two weeks of scheduled event must be paid in full at time of reservation and may be charged an additional $50 rush fee.

Party Locations and Times

Wherever you choose to host your party please be aware that ample space and seating is necessary for each participant to allow us to effectively execute projects. It is the responsibility of the party host to plan the space and seating/ tables accordingly and be ready at scheduled time of event. We set up all necessary materials but tables must be in place and ready for set up upon our scheduled arrival.

Rain or Sever Weather

We do not provide refunds due to rain. If you plan your event at an outdoor venue it is the responsibility of the party host to plan an alternate space in the event of rain or severe weather. We are not able to conduct outdoor events in the rain. If an event is planned outdoors and is cancelled due to rain we will do our best to reschedule within a reasonable range of time but rescheduling is not guaranteed and is based on availability. Please have an alternate location planned if hosting an event outdoors.

Set Up/Clean Up

It is our goal to set up and clean up as efficiently as possible. For this reason we request that children and family members are kept away from the area during set up and clean up. They will be invited over as soon as the area is set up so that they can enjoy their art experience to it's fullest potential.


Perfect Palette Parties serves Oakland County, MI and its surrounding areas. Additional mileage fees will be added for events planned in areas located 25 miles outside of 48383.  To determine is you are outside of our standard route visit and input your address as the start and the 48383 Zip Code for an initial idea. 

Area codes over 25-35 miles - $25 Mileage Fee

Area codes over 36-45 miles - $35

Further than 45 miles of 48383 please contact us directly to discuss rates.   

Custom Designed Products and Service:

Any event that includes custom designed products or services will include a phone consultation to discuss how we can turn your ideas into the perfect party event. Each event is designed from start to finish for YOUR event, therefore, products will not be exactly as pictured on images within our website. If you see something specific that you would like please feel free to let us know, otherwise, your products will be custom designed for you. We use your ideas and preferences as the basis for your custom products, but the final design is at the sole discretion of our professional design team and once the consultation is conducted and party agreement is signed, all custom products are non-negotiable and non-refundable.

Additional Instructor: Parties of 15 guests or more will require an additional art instructor at $50.


Siblings of guests: Our party packages cover only the guest of honor and their guests.  Please include any siblings in the final guest count if you would like for them to participate in the party activities.

Guest Arriving & Departure Time: We suggest that you schedule your event so that guests arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start of your Perfect Palette Party event to ensure all guests are there by the start of the project. We cannot delay scheduling for late guests, including guest of honor.

Party Time and duration: Our events are reserved for 2 hours. This includes set-up and clean-up. Projects will begin approximately 15 minutes after the starting time of your scheduled event and usually take approximately 1 hour to complete. Depending on age and developmental stage some artists work faster or slower than others, so we plan for up to 30 minutes of flex time for projects when necessary but cleanup must start at least 15 minutes prior to the end of your scheduled event. As individuals work at different paces, some guests may finish before others. For this reason it is wise to have an activity planned or an area for guests to play while others finish. See our CUSTOM page to add extra activities like interactive custom placemats and extra art activities/ projects to help during this transition time. Any guests who are not finished with a project by the time clean up needs to begin (15 minutes prior to end of scheduled event) will finish during their own time. We cannot accommodate parties that last longer than 2 hours and we will not extend an event because of late arrivals (guest of honor included). It is the responsibility of the host to communicate the party timeline to guests. If all artists finish their project earlier than expected, clean up will begin and party duration may be shortened.


Event Execution: Each Perfect Palette Party is unique. Our goal is to always present a custom event that fits your theme therefore exact details will vary slightly from images of products and projects that are depicted on our website. Any major changes will be communicated to you in advance of your event. If there is something you have seen on our website that you want at your event, please ask!



Cancellations and Refunds: If you must cancel your party for any reason or reschedule your event for any reason, you will be offered the next available date. We will do everything we can to reschedule your event but if you cannot accept the offered reschedule date/s, the following refund policies apply: the $100 reservation fee is non-refundable. We will refund package price minus the $100 reservation fee however any custom products or services cannot be refunded as they are designed for YOUR event. If any printed materials have been ordered such as placemats, paint shirts or invitations we will send them to you upon your request at no additional charge.


Extra Guests/ Participants:

If you wish to add additional guests after your event has been planned (within two weeks of scheduled event), please let us know as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to help. We can usually accommodate extra guests for projects but some of our products take time to design so the more notice you give us, the better chance that we will be able to include your additional guests. If we are able to add guests the additional charges will be due immediately, we can not accept payment or additional guests at the event.


Disclaimer: We use acrylic paints and other semi-washable materials for our projects. It is the responsibility of the client/host to ensure that valuable carpets, furniture, etc. are kept protected during your event. We provide table covering if necessary but are not prepared to cover flooring, other furniture or clothing (unless you have ordered custom paint shirts), or any other belongings. We conduct our events with the utmost respect and regard for your home and property but are not responsible for accidental spills, stains or other damage to property, clothing or other as a result of any of our products and/or services. If not ordering custom paint shirts it is wise to ask guests to bring a paint smock.

Liability: Perfect Palette Parties assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents or damages. Perfect Palette Parties is not responsible for allergic reactions or any other medical reaction stemming from food products, art materials, or any activity taking place before, during and/or after the party. In the case of liability and/or financial remuneration due to the aforementioned, the responsibility lies strictly with the client. 

Photography: Perfect Palette Parties reserves the right to use photography taken at your event in any promotional media, whether now known or hereafter existing. Signature of party agreement and payment of invoice constitutes your agreement that you will make no monetary or other claim against Perfect Palette Parties for the use of photographs taken of your child (or children)/guests. We will NEVER use identifying information in any images, but should you have a request to remove the images of your child/or guest please CONTACT us by email to request the removal or non-use of images.



Client Obligations:

   * Have tables and chairs set up upon our scheduled arrival, providing work space for each participant/ guest. We will set up a small table for our supplies/ work space if necessary so please have an area available near your guest work space if no extra space is available at your table.

    * Provide safe, clean areas for other activities if requested; extra art activities, edible projects, place settings, etc. We do not set up food tables, we provide the products but it is the responsibility of the party host to set food tables, gift tables, etc.

    * Provide a gathering place for parents of the guests if you want them to stay.

    * Provide a smoke free environment.

    * Please remain with the party at all times.

* Please keep guests, children, and/or parents clear of activity area as we have a set time for party set up and break down.


Perfect Palette Parties has provided this account of our policies and terms of service with the assumption that you have read and agree to our policies before signing the Party Agreement.  Please ask for clarification if there are any questions regarding the above policies before reserving your party.

A Party Agreement must be filled-out, signed, and returned to Perfect Palette Parties with the deposit/voucher number.


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